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McAfee Tailors Anti-spyware to Fit, Lucid8 Backs Up Exchange Data, Ruby Developers Get IDE with Komodo, ShoreTel Unveils IP Phone system for SMBs

McAfee tailors anti-spyware to fit business needs

Spyware has become a formidable security threat  to large companies and small businesses alike. Addressing the different needs of large and small organizations, McAfee this week released two new anti-spyware offerings, one tailored for large enterprises and one for small businesses. Both offerings leverage technology called On-Access Scanning to spot and eliminate spyware, adware, and keylogging programs before they can install on systems. McAfee AntiSpyware Enterprise, a stand-alone anti-spyware product, will be available in early December. McAfee Managed VirusScan plus AntiSpyware, aimed at small businesses, is a subscription-based service that is available now.

AntiSpyware Enterprise and Managed VirusScan plus AntiSpyware, McAfee Lucid8 backs up Exchange

Lucid8, a provider of disaster prevention and recovery software for Microsoft Exchange environments, last week launched DigiVault, a new module that can back up Exchange data every time a change is made. DigiVault features data compression technology that reduces the volume of data transferred and stored, which reduces the backup's impact on network infrastructure. A feature called SingleTouch recovery allows administrators to quickly restore an individual database, storage group, or all databases to the point in time just before the error occurred. DigiVault is priced on a per server basis, starting at $695 for 25 mailboxes.

DigiVault, Lucid8 Komodo gives Ruby developers testing, debugging tools

ActiveState has unveiled its Komodo 3.5 IDE, adding support for the Ruby programming language and Mac OS X.

Komodo lets programmers code, debug, and test Ruby and other programs. The product also supports languages such as Perl and PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). Komodo 3.5 costs $295 for the Professional Edition. Available for Mac OS X now, Komodo 3.5 for Linux and Windows ships later this year.

Komodo 3.5, ActiveState

ShoreTel unveils IP phone system for SMBs

IP telephony vendor ShoreTel has released ShoreTel SBE (Small Business Edition), an integrated package designed to simplify installation and management of an IP PBX system. ShoreTel SBE offers small business features such as the ability to add phones, change extensions, and scale up through a software upgrade. Other features include support for redundancy, unified messaging with mobility, management features, and an easy to use phone system for employees. ShoreTel SBE is available now, priced at $3,495.

ShoreTel SBE, ShoreTel