Proxim, NEC supply 20,000 access points in Japan

Companies hope to pursue similar deployments in other parts of the world

Proxim Wireless Corp. and NEC Infrontia Corp. on Tuesday said they have begun deploying 20,000 access points in stores operated by two large retail chains in Japan.

More than 6,000 access points have been installed so far, the companies said.

The names of the retail chains were not disclosed.

The networks will support Internet access as well as point-of-sale (POS) transaction traffic. Proxim tweaked its technology for the Japanese hotspots to operate in the 5.13 GHz to 5.35 GHz spectrum, a frequency range used in Japan for wireless local area networks.

The access points are branded NEC, which integrated several additional components so that the access points support both hotspot functions and point-of-sale capabilities.

Proxim and NEC say they hope to pursue similar deployments in other parts of the world.

Proxim was once one of the largest wireless local area network suppliers but, after a series of missteps, was forced to file for bankruptcy protection and was later acquired by Terabeam Inc., its current owner.