Microsoft launches upgrade of project-based software

Dynamics SL 6.5 was formerly called Microsoft Business Solutions - Solomon

A new version of Microsoft's project-based business management software, called Dynamics SL 6.5, will be available Monday in the U.S. and Canada, the company said Thursday.

The software was formerly called Microsoft Business Solutions - Solomon. The company acquired the application in 2000, when it bought Great Plains Software of Fargo, North Dakota.

After the U.S. and Canada, Dynamics SL 6.5 will be available in Mexico and other unspecified countries by the end of January 2006, Microsoft said.

The new release includes purchase request and bank reconciliation modules. The purchase request module allows the automation of requests, bidding and approval in procurement processes. The module can be customized for specific projects, purchasing policies and departments, among others, Microsoft said.

Microsoft said it has expanded the capabilities of Dynamics SL to interact with Business Portal 3.0, which is based on Windows SharePoint Services. For example, users can order items using a Web browser through the portal.

Microsoft released Windows SharePoint Services in October 2003 as an add-on for Windows Server 2003. It's the underlying engine for SharePoint Portal Server, which allows developers to create Web sites for sharing document information.

A feature has been added in the application server that allows employees to run reports and processes on their own schedules. More than 100 other improvements include changes in installation and performance scalability, and to tools that deal with finance and payroll, project management and accounting, distribution and field service.

The purchase requisition module is $1,050 with the licensing of Dynamics SL Standard or $1,500 with the Professional edition. The bank reconciliation module is $350 with the standard edition or $500 with the professional.