Quicker insights into network performance

Network Physics NetSensory OS 5.0 brings easier and deeper analysis to an already powerful tool

When users complain that the network is slow, IT needs a way to look inside the LAN or WAN and find exactly where the problem lies. Network Physics' NetSensory NP-500 and NP-2000 appliances offer an unparalleled view into the health of the network by capturing dozens of performance metrics and providing the means to understand the results. These products allow IT to pinpoint the source of the problem -- whether a server, the network, or an app -- anywhere in the enterprise. The recently updated NetSensory OS 5.0 improves this already impressive system.

Probably the most welcome addition to the 5.0 release are NetSensory Insights, predefined templates that allow quick access to critical information. I've been working with an NP-500 for a while, and my only complaint is that defining NetSensory projects takes too much work. Using Insights, I can quickly choose a template based on what I am trying to find out, such as top bandwidth users, application server response time, or diagnostics such as latency and retransmission rate. Insights minimize the time needed to view and analyze virtually any type of network information.

Another big gain in 5.0: You can now monitor per-conversation application behavior more effectively using the turns-based approach. This works with both persistent and nonpersistent TCP connections and measures chattiness, latency, and server response time. Another new feature is the behavior-based alerting that provides faster, more accurate anomaly detection. This helps flag changes in traffic patterns that may signify a worm outbreak or other network trouble.

For IT shops that need to know what's going on throughout their enterprise networks, the detailed view provided by NetSensory is one of the best ways to understand how the LAN or WAN really works.

NetSensory OS 5.0

Network Physics

Cost: Starts at $25,000 for NP-500 appliance

Available: Now