Product Previews

SAP pulls unstructured data into ERP; CrownPeak offers panorama of site content; RealNetworks streams video, audio to wireless devices; Nero dials up VoIP conferences

SAP pulls unstructured data into ERP systems
SAP next month will unveil the SAP conversion Agent, a technology licensed from Itemfield that integrates unstructured and semistructured data into ERP systems. The add-on to SAP NetWeaver will facilitate collaboration and transactions between companies by transforming unstructured data into structured data for access on the NetWeaver platform. The Conversion Agent will include three major components: The Studio, a development environment for creating data transformations; The Engine, which integrates transformed data into business processes during execution; and Libraries, a set of prepackaged transformation templates for standard b-to-b processes for the insurance, health care, and banking industries.
SAP Conversion Agent, SAP

CrownPeak offers panorama of site content
Hosted service provider CrownPeak this month introduced a new service called 360° Site Management, which blends Web content management services with Web analytics, CRM, hosting, and site search. The 360° Site Management service provides detailed information for managing site content, including metrics that show site performance, how visitors are responding to content, and how to manage leads generated from the site. CrownPeak is partnering with IBM and RackSpace for Web hosting, and Convio for CRM, and WebTrends for Web analytics.
360° Site Management, CrownPeak

Day unlocks content access with Communiqué 4
Day Software has released an updated version of its ECM (enterprise content management) application featuring native support for the JSR 170 standard. Ratified in June, JSR 170 establishes a standard way to access content in a content repository. With native support for JSR 170 in Communiqué 4, the ECM app can be decoupled from the underlying repository, which allows any JSR 170-compliant application to run on top of the repository. 
Communiqué 4, Day Software

Nero Dials Up VoIP Conferences
Digital media company Nero has introduced SIPPS Connect, an IP-based application for voice, video, and messaging. SIPPS Connect offers three-way group calling, caller ID, and call forwarding on a land line or cell phone. An IM module works on multiple IM networks and can run conferences, allowing users on multiple IM systems to converse in a shared chat space. SIPPS Connect is available for $29.99 with two SIPPS licenses and a headset.
SIPPS Connect, Nero