NearPoint sweetens e-mail archiving

Exchange users get a boost with Mimosa Systems' intelligent message management

Mimosa Systems’ NearPoint for Microsoft Exchange is an e-mail archiving solution for reducing the storage used by Exchange servers and expediting auditing and archiving processes. It works without installing an agent on the Exchange server, instead using the Microsoft extensible storage engine to capture the details of every logged transaction on the server.

NearPoint uses what Mimosa calls Smart Extraction, which pulls attachments out of archived messages and keeps only one copy of each archived attachment -- no matter how many users have the attachment in their inboxes -- to save space. Very granular policies determine which messages are archived and when.

The system uses either the SQL run-time database or a full copy of MS SQL server to store metadata; one NearPoint server with database can archive several Exchange servers. The system assumes backup to low-cost disk, rather than tape, for the archives.

Recovering accidentally deleted messages is easy -- search tools include basic and advanced views, as well as a browse-by-date view. Users can also import .pst files used to save local copies of e-mail, so those messages can be added to the archive and searched.

Auditors can be assigned access to individual mailboxes, and the messages they access can be tracked and logged. For administrators, restoring a mailbox, storage group, or whole server to a new or original location is straightforward. Deleted mailboxes can be restored to new mailboxes or added to existing ones.

NearPoint is a powerful archiving solution that enables admins to reduce the size of mailboxes while retaining access to older e-mails for compliance with legal or disaster-recovery requirements.

Mimosa NearPoint

Mimosa Systems

Cost: Starts at $9,995 for 100 mailboxes

Available: Now