Novell plans small business Linux product

Offering will include GroupWise collaboration software

SALT LAKE CITY - Novell on Monday announced plans to release new software based on its Suse Linux operating system that is designed to make it easier for small businesses to move to Linux. Called Linux Small Business Suite 9, the product will ship on March 31, according to Novell.

Similar to the NetWare-based Novell Business Suite 6.5, the suite is designed for businesses with as many as three servers and 100 users. Both products include Novell's GroupWise collaboration software, but the Linux version will also include Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9 and the Novell Linux Desktop.

The Linux Small Business Suite will have installation software designed to make it easy for nontechnical users to install the Linux desktop and server software, and will come with Novell's eDirectory and iManager management software, said David Patrick, Novell's vice president and general manager of Linux. "It gives them everything they need," he said.

The software will support both Windows and Linux clients and will be priced starting at $475 for a five-client license.