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Xythos Enterprise Document Management Suite 5.0 delivers capability without complexity

Some technologies sit by the wayside because they take too much training and effort to use. EDM (enterprise document management) -- which often intimidates users with complex workflows and intricate interfaces -- is a perfect example. Xythos Enterprise Document Management Suite 5.0, however, bucks this trend, providing essential document management functions that work in familiar ways.

The foundation of the suite is Xythos' WebFile Server, an alternative to Microsoft IIS WebDAV that adds tight document security and compliance. The companion client piece, Xythos Drive, transforms any Windows desktop application into a WebDAV-compatible collaboration and publishing system. Files reside on the server just as if they were local, but users easily control access rights, file locking, and versions. Plus, Xythos Drive works offline, making it ideal for mobile workers.

The Web-based Enterprise Document Manager turns Xythos into a serious alternative to Documentum or Hummingbird for management of common documents and files. For example, the Xythos library services include change-status notifications and subscriptions. Just as significant, document retention rules allow managers to find old documents that can be deleted while keeping those mandated by compliance legislation. Another notable feature permits users to e-mail secure document links to those outside the system. Finally, the Xythos Developer Studio, including a designer for building complex workflows and APIs for adding library services to other applications, should reduce reliance on homegrown document management solutions.

Overall, Xythos overcomes the security and workflow problems of manual document and file sharing with a well-executed, open solution that rivals many legacy EDM products.

Xythos Enterprise Document Management Suite 5.0
Xythos Software
Cost: $180 to $200 per user, which can be reduced to as little as $20 per user with volume licensing
Available: Now