Smarter than the average CMS

XyEnterprise Content@ taps XML for powerful document searching and sophisticated content reuse

XyEnterprise’s Content@ is a CMS (content management system) that combines heavy use of XML and a sophisticated workflow-management scheme. The result is an intelligent application that takes your content in one hand and content users in the other, and then guides them easily through your content-associated work processes.

Content@ converts into XML all documents placed in its repository. Applications that don’t generate XML directly must be imported with the help of conversion tools. The conversion isn’t merely a matter of convenience, but essential to Content@’s metadata and reusability.

The metadata brings more intelligence to the repository, and it results in faster and more flexible searching. But the reusability is by far the more important feature.

The magic behind Content@ is that the various incarnations of a paragraph in different documents — a report, a white paper, an advertisement — are really all the same paragraph. Though clones of the original exist, they are genetically bound together. Correct a misspelling in the technical report, and the change instantly appears in the related white paper and ad.

Content@’s workflows govern how document components move from one area of the repository to another as documents glide from creation to publication. When one or more documents enter a workflow, the workflow automation takes over, moving the content to the proper location in the repository and e-mailing the appropriate team members of their document’s arrival.

Content@ delivers an out-of-the-box solution that consists of a scalable server, desktop and Web UI, and integration with a variety of editors — non-XML as well as XML. If you are serious about harnessing your content management, this system is worth a close look.

Content@ 3.2


Cost: Starts at $50,000 for 10-seat beginner package

Available: Now