Disk-storage market reached new highs in Q3, IDC says

External disk storage system shipments totalled $3.9 billion

Worldwide factory revenue for external disk storage systems grew faster than ever during the third quarter, market analyst IDC said in a statement Friday.

The value of external disk storage system shipments during the third quarter rose 12.5 percent over the same period last year, to $3.9 billion, IDC said. This is the highest growth rate that IDC has recorded since it began tracking shipments of external disk storage systems in 2001, it said.

EMC Corp. was the largest vendor of external disk storage systems, with 20.3 percent of the market, IDC said. Hewlett-Packard Co. came in second with 19.1 percent of the market, while IBM Corp. came in third with 12.9 percent of the market, IDC said. Hitachi Data Systems Corp and Dell Inc. both had 8.4 percent of the market, tying for the number four spot, it said.

Also during the third quarter, the total worldwide disk storage systems market grew at a record rate of 13.3 percent to US$5.7 billion, IDC said. Total disk storage capacity grew 58 percent compared to the same period last year, rising above half an exabyte for the first time at 505 petabytes, it said.