Product previews

Motion unveils new Tablet PC series, iWay homes in on SOA, Ipedo blends SQL and XQuery, and Fiberlink partners to offer spyware protection service

Motion Computing launches new tablet series
Motion Computing last week kicked off a new series of Tablet PCs with the LE1600. With this system the company focused on three key areas: security, performance, and mobility. On the security front, Motion made the fingerprint reader easier to use, provided an interface to the Microsoft Security Center, and embedded TPM (Trusted Platform Module) for hardware-based encryption. Under the LE1600’s hood you’ll find a processor with a maximum speed of 1.5GHz, as much as 60GB in the hard drive, and as much as 512MB of RAM. The mobility enhancements include improved ergonomics, a new mobile keyboard and docking station, and an upgraded speaker system and microphones for uses such as dictation and VoIP. Motion also improved the display with wide-angle viewing and view-anywhere features that allow users to see the screen even in sunlight. Base price is $2,199.
LE1600, Motion Computing

iWayhops into SOA fray
With the introduction of its Adaptive SOA Framework, iWay Software last week pulled together existing and new tools into a design-time environment for working within SOAs. The toolset includes Adapter Manager, Application Explorer, Adapter Designer, Adapter Transformer, the new Trading Manager, and, of course, the 280 adapters the company sells. Along with the suite, iWay announced Trading Manager, a b-to-b tool for correlating documents and transactions across partners, suppliers, and channels.
Adaptive SOA Framework, iWay

Ipedo supports SQL and XQuery within EII
Ipedo on Monday launched XIP (Extensible Information Platform) 4.0 and described it as a “dual-core” EII (enterprise information integration) offering that works with both SQL and the emerging XQuery querying languages. New to Version 4.0 is support for Business Objects XI and Crystal Reports XI, a visual rules GUI, Web services publishing, and the dual-querying engines. The term “dual-core” is borrowed from chipmakers but applied to the XIP integration platform as it processes in both querying languages.
XIP 4.0, Ipedo

Fiberlink, Webroot team to shield workers from mobile spyware
Fiberlink Communications and Webroot Software announced plans to roll out a combination of anti-spyware and mobile-access software delivered as a service. The partnership combines Spy Sweeper, Webroot’s anti-spyware product, with Fiberlink’s Extend360 mobile-access software.
Spy Sweeper and Extend360, Fiberlink Communications and Webroot Software.