Tivoli looks to automate IT processes

IBM initiative includes software and services

IBM’s Tivoli division last week launched a technical initiative to help corporate users translate their IT processes into more manageable pieces or services and then automate the integration of the workflow.

IBM kicked off the strategy, called by one company executive “the IT Service Management initiative,” by delivering a set of software and services. The products assist users in automating and standardizing the way they design and integrate a range of processes, from releasing security patches to changing or adding servers located anywhere across an enterprise.

The goal of the initiative is to do away with the task of manually designing IT processes within silos and then hand coding their integration across various departments.

“We have been very focused for many years on bringing automation and process integration to the business world. But the next step we are taking now is bringing that same level of process automation to IT,” said Bob Madey, vice president of strategy at IBM’s Tivoli division.

As part of the initiative, IBM unwrapped several products, including the Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database, a “virtualized” database that federates IT information spread across databases. It shows an application running on what could be dozens of servers, helping administrators make better decisions.

Mary Johnston-Turner, vice president at Summit Strategies, endorsed the initiative. “IBM and its users would admit they have been behind on managing stacks of components that will help deliver end-to-end IT services,” she said. “But in classic IBM form, once they decide to address it they have done so in a deep, comprehensive way.”