Fujitsu upgrades PrimePower line

Fujitsua updates some PrimePower servers with a faster version of its Sparc64 V processor

Fujitsu Computer Systems is now shipping a faster version of its Sparc64 V processor with certain models of its PrimePower Unix servers.

Effective Tuesday, five PrimePower models will ship with a 2.08 GHz Sparc64 V CPU with 4MB of on-chip cache. This is a bump from the previous version of the processor, which had a clock speed of 1.89 GHz and only 3MB of cache, according to Richard McCormack, senior vice president of Fujitsu Computer Systems.

The new chips will be available with PrimePower models 650, 850, 900, 1500, and 2500, McCormack said. He declined to say whether Fujitsu planned to ship the new chips with its low-end PrimePower 250 and 450 systems.

Pricing for the systems with the new processors will be increased slightly, McCormack said. Starting prices will range from $42,780 for the PrimePower 650 to $553,000 for the PrimePower 2500.