Interwise upgrades IP-based Web conferencing software

ECP Connect offers data, video, and VoIP meetings

Interwise launched Version 6.0 of its ECP (Enterprise Communications Platform) Connect IP-based Web conferencing software last week, adding new features for personalization and management.

ECP Connect integrates Web, video, and voice in an IP-based software platform. The platform features fully integrated VoIP and ties in with a company’s existing VoIP infrastructure. Users are given a choice to connect to a meeting via a traditional PSTN line or through VoIP on a PC.

The IP-based system offers cost savings and simplified integration into other applications, according to Neil Lieberman, vice president of marketing at Interwise.

“Since everything is integrated, you have a single data stream carrying voice, video, and data,” Lieberman said.

ECP Connect “does a good job of integrating VoIP and PSTN pretty seamlessly, so it doesn’t matter if you are on an analog phone or connecting to a meeting on the PC,” said David Coleman, managing director at analyst company Collaborative Strategies.

New features in Version 6.0 of ECP Connect include MyMeetingRoom, which offers a personalized voice, Web, or combined voice-and-Web conferencing room that can be launched without prescheduling.