Communicating by the rules

Orchestria 4.0 takes agent-based approach to e-mail, IM, Weblog policy enforcement

Orchestria is one of a relatively new breed of products designed to prevent leaks of sensitive information via network communication channels. Unlike the network-based leakproofers we reviewed in June, Orchestria uses a client-side agent to monitor e-mail, IM, and Webmail communications at the desktop and to block noncompliant e-mail messages in real time.

In addition to improving scalability, performance, and ease-of-use, the newly released Version 4.0 adds real-time enforcement for Bloomberg messaging and Weblog postings, as well as the ability to import and analyze mail journals from IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange and IM archives from FaceTime and Iron Mountain. 

In a recent demo, company reps showed how Orchestria 4.0 could enforce e-mail policies without disrupting a user's workflow. For example, Orchestria blocked a message sent to an inappropriate recipient and a message sent to an external address without the proper disclaimer. In both cases, the sender was immediately alerted to the violation and was allowed to repair the message and resend it.

The demo also showcased Orchestria's new SmartQuarantining feature. SmartQuarantining identifies messages that need approval before delivery, alerts the sender that approval is in the works, and takes advantage of Orchestria's workflow and escalation capabilities to ensure that approval (or denial) is provided without delay. 

Orchestria doesn't provide a GUI for configuring policies, but works with customers to identify their requirements and configures the rules for them. A library of predefined policies includes sets for identifying price fixing and bid rigging, defamation of competitors, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley violations.

Orchestria 4.0
Cost: $150 to $250 per seat, based on number of communications channels
Available: Now