Vontu plugs information leaks

Vontu 4.0 combines flexible policy configuration, monitoring of all TCP channels, and real-time blocking of e-mail violations

A table of HR data, a draft of an earnings report, proprietary source code -- these are just the types of sensitive information you wouldn’t want to deliver into the wrong hands. Yet, unless you have policies governing who can send what information to whom, and the ability to monitor and report violations, you have virtually no chance of catching a slip or even of identifying a recurring problem.

Vontu’s Vontu 4.0 is one of an emerging class of products (other vendors include Reconnex, Vericept, and Vidius) designed to curb troublesome information leaks. Combining real-time content inspection and granular policy creation, Vontu allows you to monitor all of the information leaving your network via e-mail, IM, HTTP, FTP, Telnet, and other TCP sessions. New in Version 4.0 is the ability to block or quarantine SMTP messages that don’t play by the rules.

In a demo at its San Francisco offices, Vontu reps showed off their product’s features by e-mailing me a few documents before and after creating policies that forbade them. In one case, a zipped Excel file was blocked after a policy was created to filter combinations of employee names and social security numbers or log-in passwords. In another, a file containing Java source code was blocked after my Yahoo inbox was made off-limits for such content. In both cases, Vontu’s incident report identified the rules violated and highlighted the offending content. 

Policy templates and a nice GUI simplify the process of configuring complex rules addressing everything from regulatory compliance and data protection to network security and acceptable use. Rich reporting capabilities help you measure incident activity over time and track remediation efforts. Vontu 4.0 isn’t cheap, but for many companies it’s a product that could easily pay for itself.

Vontu 4.0
Cost: Deployments start at $150,000; priced per user
Availability: Now