Product previews

JBoss upgrades portal, Coraid unwraps storage appliance, iLumin introduces messaging compliance tool, Electric Mail beefs up anti-spam service

JBoss upgrades open source portal
JBoss this month rolled out Version 2.0 of its JBossPortal, an open source and standards-based portal that’s part of the company’s JEMS (JBoss Enterprise Middleware System) stack. JBoss Portal 2.0 features support for the Java portlet API specification JSR 168, SSO (single sign-on) capabilities across the portal and portlets, content-management features for directory and file management, and the capability to run multiple portal instances inside one portal container. JBoss Portal 2.0 also offers Web-based administration for customizing security settings, such as user and group access and roles.
JBoss Portal 2.0, JBoss

Coraid’s four-disk storage appliance debuts
Coraid, a maker of EtherDrive storage products, unveiled a 1U, four-disk storage appliance to complement its existing 3U shelf for SATA disks. The 1U appliance features four hot-swap drive bays that accommodate user-installed standard SATA disk drives of any size and a dual Gigabit Ethernet interface. Fully populated drive bays using 400GB disk drives provide 1.6TB of storage. The SATA EtherDrive appliance has dual Gigabit Ethernet connections, and a single chassis can provide 200MBps of storage access throughput. The appliance is priced at $1,995.
Four Disk SATA EtherDrive Appliance, Coraid

iLuminunveils messaging compliance tool
E-mail management software provider iLumin Software Services introduced Assentor Discovery 2.0, a tool for searching and discovering e-mail messages for legal proceedings and compliance audits. Assentor Discovery 2.0 includes a Legal Hold feature for protecting a set of e-mail messages from deletion. Also new is the capability to automatically designate messages as protected by attorney/client privilege based on keywords or sender addresses.
Assentor Discovery 2.0, iLumin Software Services

Electric Mail fortifies anti-spam service
Electric Mail this month introduced a new version of PerimeterProtect, a managed service for spam and content filtering, multilayered virus blocking, and e-mail continuity. PerimeterProtect’s Quarantine Central now allows users and administrators to view filtering reports and directly control blacklists and whitelists. An “auto-allow” function automatically adds an address to a whitelist when it is sent two or more messages by the user. Also new is an LDAP synchronization tool that allows users to synchronize PerimeterProtect with their Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2000 servers.
PerimeterProtect, Electric Mail