Omniture streamlines Web smarts

SiteCatalyst 12 and Discover tools make it easier to dig deeper into visitor behavior

Web analytics tools can easily show key site-performance indicators -- such as purchases by visitor type -- that speak for themselves. If you’re willing to dig, the tools can also offer deeper, more mysterious insights into visitor behavior. However, mining data can be difficult and time consuming, which may hinder marketing managers from taking immediate action to improve the effectiveness of their sites.

Thanks to a host of new reporting features, Omniture’s SiteCatalyst 12 makes these tasks easier. With preconfigured dashboards, improved appearances, and easier customization than its previous incarnation, SiteCatalyst 12 promises to cut the amount of time that analysts spend working with data. New report views allow you to superimpose performance targets (such as revenue generated each day) over actuals, helping marketers zero in on underperforming pages.

SiteCatalyst 12 also streamlines the process of fixing problematic pages. Traditionally, optimization has been tedious, trial-and-error work that involves changing and testing one variable at a time. SiteCatalyst’s new Experimentation Manager, based on the Taguchi Method, allows marketers to analyze many variables simultaneously and predict the optimal combination of changes.

As good as SiteCatalyst’s custom reports work, however, they’re still ad hoc solutions. The separate Omniture Discover, a new real-time exploration engine, offers more flexible, on-the-fly analytics capabilities. For example, Discover’s Fall-Out Analysis allows you to compare how two buying groups behave during the checkout process.

By making Web performance data more accessible and easier to analyze, Omniture’s offering is now perhaps the best solution in helping you understand -- and leverage -- how visitors use your site.

SiteCatalyst 12 and Discover


Cost: Starts at $20,000 per year

Available: Now