Kavado extends Web app defenses

Defiance TMS takes Web application firewalls enterprisewide with centralized management, passive monitoring, and coordinated prevention

Kavado’s Web application firewall, InterDo, combines granular defenses, easy management, and a clever configuration wizard that smoothes initial setup dramatically — a powerful formula that earned Version 3.0 InfoWorld’s 2004 Technology of the Year Award for Best Application Security Product. Although InterDo is a great way to protect a single application or a single location, it wasn’t designed to secure multiple Web applications across a large enterprise. It’s an excellent point solution but just a point solution.

Now Kavado has taken Web application security enterprise-wide. Its new Defiance TMS (Threat Management System) not only brings centralized management to multiple application firewalls, but minimizes the impact on application performance through the intelligent coordination of passive monitoring and active filtering. Defiance Gateways sit passively on the network until a Defiance Monitor or other Gateway detects a threat and triggers them into action.

The Defiance Security Console lets administrators configure security policies and manage Defiance Monitors and Gateways in logical groups according to the location or business domain of the applications they’re configured to protect. Activity from all Monitors and Gateways is logged to the Defiance Management Server, feeding real-time dashboards and historical reports.

The security rules at the heart of Defiance Monitor and Defiance Gateway are borrowed from InterDo. InterDo users will recognize the Defiance configuration GUI, the wizard-based setup routine, the security dashboard, and the learning mode that allows admins to refine security filters. Best of all, they’ll appreciate being able to extend Kavado’s granular protections to Web applications throughout the company.

Kavado Defiance TMS


Cost: Starts at $52,980; stand-alone Monitor and additional Defiance components, $11,500 each

Available: Monitor, now; TMS, Q1 2005