ITM peers inside the inside threats

Oakley Networks' activity-monitoring agents stops information leaks at their source

Oakley Networks’ ITM (Insider Threat Manager), an unobtrusive server-agent solution, provides enterprisewide monitoring of workstations and laptops, even those used remotely or wirelessly. Because ITM blocks policy violations at the source -- before the information ever reaches your network -- it promises to be one of the more effective ways to stop intentional and unintentional insider data leaks.

Policies are especially robust, from blocking use of removable media and shutting down a workstation to generating a simple warning. Using the Rule Wizard, I easily specified actions that triggered these responses, and created notifications such as pager alerts.

The strongest monitoring mode, Collect All, is typically used to investigate specific users or monitor groups with access to especially sensitive information. In this setting, the system recorded every keystroke related to my Web activities, IM conversations, edits of a Microsoft Word document, and data moved to a USB drive (including saving an archive of the actual file).

ITM’s “Contextual Session Recording” was particularly impressive. Taking the helm at the auditor’s console, I replayed every one of the previous actions, down to text I deleted from the Word document before resaving it.

In more general use, ITM monitored my test computers and generated alerts when it sensed activity counter to my policies — such as sending insider trading information from a free e-mail account or trying to encrypt proprietary client data and e-mail it via Outlook. Alerts can be set to one of five levels of severity.

Providing Tivo-like activity recording, flexible rules, and the capability to sense both pre- and post-encryption actions on the desktop, ITM deserves a look from any company with heavy-duty data protection needs.

Insider Threat Manager 3.0
Oakley Networks, Inc.