SpikeSource spurs open source adoption

Startup unveils testing stacks to ensure interoperability

Hoping to take the pain out of blending open source and proprietary applications, SpikeSource last week launched its first product and services to help with such integrations. SpikeSource also announced a network of business partners to support that effort.

The SpikeSource Core Stack consists of seven preconfigured stacks that incorporate 63 open source components across six operating systems and six programming languages. The stacks give users a way to automate the task integrating and testing hundreds of combinations of best-selling open source and proprietary software applications that need to work together. SpikeSource can run 22,000 tests nightly to ensure interoperability issues are identified and addressed.

“The biggest problem that companies are having in using open source in production environments is interoperability,” said Michael Goulde, an analyst at Forrester Research.