InfoWorld CTO 25: Stuart Berman

Vice president and CTO, Emulex

Switched Fibre Channel SANs brought tremendous performance, scalability, reliability, and flexibility to enterprise storage. But until Vixel -- recently acquired by Emulex -- came up with its InSpeed technology, the shared-bus architecture of the array itself was still a reliability and performance bottleneck. It was Stuart Berman’s vision that inspired InSpeed, which brought an embedded Fibre Channel switch on a chip to the drive array. InSpeed is now deployed by just about every major storage OEM. More recently, Berman has been behind FibreSpy, a new embedded-switch technology that breaks the 126-device limit in switched back-end Fibre Channel storage, scaling to thousands of drives. “A whole host of technologies are coming to fruition that will lead to a much more efficient way to do computing,” Berman says. “Our opportunity is to create the components to enable that vision.”

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