InfoWorld CTO 25: Dan Foody

CTO, Actional

“A lot of people are afraid of change, but I like it because it’s a new challenge all the time,” says Dan Foody, CTO of Actional. Good thing. Three years ago Foody saw the need to dramatically change the direction of his company, which at the time developed point-to-point EAI adapters to connect big enterprise applications from players such as PeopleSoft and Siebel. Foody realized that approach wouldn’t scale -- and that Web services would change how people tied systems together. With that insight, he helped refocus the company on systems management rather than integration and on customer business challenges. “Not a single one of the products we sell today has any relation to what we sold three years ago,” Foody says, referring to Actional’s current SOA Command and Control Platform. “My contribution was how to fundamentally change what the company’s DNA was.”

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