InfoWorld CTO 25: Eugene Kuznetsov

Founder and CTO, DataPower

XML-based mortgage applications, insurance quotes, and online banking might not be possible without the vision of Eugene Kuznetsov, CTO and founder of DataPower. In 1999 Kuznetsov proposed offloading XML processing onto network hardware to ease bottlenecks and boost security -- and the XML-aware network was born. With its latest XML engine, XG4, DataPower continues to push the XML envelope. Last year the company broke the 1Gbps barrier; this year it plans to introduce XML streaming, which will allow for XML documents of virtually unlimited size. One of Kuznetsov’s key accomplishments has been integrating XML-aware hardware into the security management infrastructure at Fortune 500 companies. That’s obviously a source of pride: “It’s gratifying to me that our customers now see this as a fundamental shift in the market,” he says.

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