InfoWorld CTO 25: Brent Zempel

CTO, Life Time Fitness

Can software make a health club great? The achievements of Brent Zempel, CTO of Life Time Fitness, beg the question. When the company needed a member management system in 2000, nothing on the market was up to snuff, so Zempel and his 60-person team built their own. Starting with basics such as member check-in and point-of-sale transactions, the developers have added so many useful modules that other health clubs and membership organizations, including competitors, have come clamoring to license the code. The latest modules enable members to book spa treatments, personal trainers, and other club services via the Web -- and to ID members on-site using a photo lookup system. Zempel is clearly proud of his team. “They’re viewed as a partner to the business,” he says. “They feel like they’re part of something larger rather than just being handed an initiative.”

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