InfoWorld CTO 25: Greg Whitehead

CTO, Trustgenix

When Greg Whitehead left his previous employer three years ago, he’d already drunk the Kool-Aid about federated identity management. But he also knew something was missing. Standards efforts such as SAML and Liberty Alliance were on the right track, but a gap yawned between emerging protocols and customer requirements. So he and a partner started Trustgenix. “One of my major contributions has been being able to represent both the long-term architectural view coupled with the practical requirements of implementing the protocols,” Whitehead says. Whitehead had early success with big partners such as Vodafone and America Online, and today he offers products packaged for smaller enterprise deployments, a high-growth market. “Things are really starting to take off now,” Whitehead says. “I really enjoy watching a new technology develop and find its market.”

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