InfoWorld CTO 25: Laurence Grant

Chief technologist and vice president, Talk America

When you work for a fast-growing phone company, your customers expect high availability, stability, and performance from your back-end IT systems. During the past couple of years, Laurence Grant has directed a massive upgrade of Talk America’s IT infrastructure, successfully betting on new technologies to support future growth. The company’s old Informix database system couldn’t scale to handle 3 billion call records each year, so Grant talked his superiors into migrating to a grid-based Oracle 10g system instead. Today that grid handles 60TB of data and offers such performance-intensive features as same-day online posting of call records. Through it all, Grant takes pride in being a hands-on type. “I like to roll up my sleeves and get involved,” he says. “To sit down at the keyboard and actually see the technology working firsthand.”

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