Veritas goes for the gold, Web casino breaks mold

Bugged by software bugs

Maybe because it’s tax season or maybe it’s spring fever, but my inbox is bursting with letters from Cringesters driven to madness by buggy software and bad service (including a mob of angry Intuit customers). If I had a dollar for every oath muttered on support lines this week, I’d have enough to, well, pay my taxes.

Backup and Bend Over: When Bill B. had a problem with Veritas’ backup software, he found an entry in the company’s knowledgebase confirming the bug but saying he’d have to call tech support for a fix (at $89 per incident). He tried uninstalling the software, and discovered he needed a techie for that too. Spokeshuman Vineeta Durani says Veritas will refund support charges if the problem is caused by defective code. The company calls its software “the gold standard” for data protection; maybe it meant fool’s gold.

Google Desktop Lurch: Joseph J. thought that Google Gulp “smart drink” was just an April Fools’ joke — until Google Desktop Search gulped down his Netscape address book. Netscape is just one of several products suffering from GDS dyspepsia. A company jokesperson says “the team is looking into” this issue — an answer sure to leave Google fans (and Cringesters) thirsty for more.

Unnatural Born Killer: Eugene M. logged onto Hotmail and discovered three years’ worth of e-mail had disappeared. Here’s the weird part — it wasn’t Microsoft’s fault. Apparently an update to McAfee SpamKiller had run amok. McAfee says it’s patched the problem, and users should be able to recover their missing messages. Sometimes these things do have happy endings.

Your Bet Your Wife: The Golden Palace online casino — owner of the “Holy Toast,” which sports an image of the Blessed Virgin on a 10-year-old slice of melted cheese — has purchased the identity of a 33-year-old mother of five. The former Terri Ilagen, who auctioned her name on eBay for $15,199, will henceforth be known as (Goldie to her friends). I guess moldy baked goods just don’t draw the high rollers like they used to.

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