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Business Objects gets inside Office, Pervasive to back Postgres, Microsoft adds IM, collaboration to hosted Exchange, and Red Dot details new version of LiveServer

Business Objects Ties BI Into Office
Business Objects last Tuesday took the wraps off Business Objects XI (Extreme Insight), the first version of its software following last year's acquisition of Crystal Decisions, to completely integrate Business Objects' BI software with Crystal Reports. Perhaps most noteworthy is the integration of XI with Microsoft Office. A feature called Live Office will allow users to right-click on an object in an Office application, such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, or Outlook, and update data or drill down to the data used to create the object. The lineage will tell users such things as when the data was last refreshed, what the objects represent, and how formulas were created. Business Objects also revamped the look and feel of XI by using a Microsoft Office-like interface for formatting and for creating calculations and toolbars.
Business Objects XI, Business Objects

Pervasive Offers Postgres
Pervasive Software last week introduced Pervasive Postgres, an open source database that the company plans to back with application migration for ISVs and end-users, training, administrator certification and related data management and integration software. PostgreSQL includes views, triggers, stored procedures, and security. It was released under the BSD license and allows for royalty-free use within commercial settings. Pervasive Postgres will include development enhancements such as automated installation and tools to ease administration.
Pervasive Postgres, Pervasive Software

Microsoft Adds IM, Collaboration to Hosted Exchange
Microsoft is expanding its hosted Exchange to include instant messaging and collaborative online workspaces. Previously, the offering consisted of Exchange Server 2003 and was called the Microsoft Solution for Hosted Exchange 2003. It has been renamed the Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration and also includes Live Communications Server 2005 and Windows SharePoint Services. Providers will add IM and collaborative workspace in the next three to six months and will set pricing.
Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration, Microsoft

Red Dot Unveils LiveServer 2.2
Red Dot Solutions this week will deliver a new version of LiveServer, the company's enterprise-class content management solution, which features several new integrated technologies including its Verity search capability. Along with improved speed and performance, Version 2.2 contains new enhancements that allow administrators to configure the product to their respective environments more flexibly, thereby making it is easier and faster to deploy. The new version also features a more intuitive graphical interface.
LiveServer 2.2, Red Dot Solutions