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SurfControl content filters, Sendia Wireless SFA for, KM Sciences infoSavant, Net6 Hybrid-VPN Gateway

SurfControl Beefs Up Enterprise Content Filters
SurfControl has updated its complete line of Internet content-filtering products. Web Filter 5.0 adds a spyware category to its threat database, as well as the ability to block p-to-p application sites. Administrators can now monitor all SurfControl installations from a single console. In addition, the product’s filtering agent has been enhanced for greater accuracy. Instant Message Filter 2.5 supports the latest AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo! messaging protocols, as well as the BitTorrent, OpenNapster, and WinMX p-to-p networks. The new Mobile Filter product facilitates filtering for remote or seldom-connected users. In a typical 500-user installation, Web Filter costs $19 per user, Instant Message Filter costs $9.50 per user, and Mobile Filter costs $6.65 per user with a $2,500 one-time server fee.
SurfControl Filters, SurfControl  

Making Sales Mobile customers can now access their accounts wirelessly via RIM BlackBerry and PalmOne Treo 600 devices, thanks to Wireless SFA (Salesforce Automation) from Sendia. The new Hosted Edition lets end-users sign on to the service and download the software over the Web without system administrator intervention. Administrators can define views and filters to match customization. The software loads each screen in less than a second. Contact Sendia for pricing.
Wireless SFA for, Sendia

Integrated Knowledge Base
KM Sciences has released infoSavant, billed as a “domain knowledge and collaboration system” for industries ranging from software development to law offices to customer services. The product combines an electronic library with collaboration, content management, and workflow systems to create a complete, integrated knowledge management environment that is topic-centric, rather than document-centric. The product is a Web-based application built on Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Pricing for the Enterprise Edition starts at $3,995.
infoSavant, KM Sciences

Encrypted VoIP Gateway
Net6 has enhanced its Hybrid-VPN Gateway to encrypt signaling paths for all VoIP protocols, including SIP, H.323, and proprietary protocols from vendors Avaya, Cisco, and Nortel Networks. This includes a patent-pending Voice-over-SSL feature, peer-to-peer media routing for call control, and encryption at variable bit rates for both voice and video. The product has been tested with IP phones from major vendors. Pricing ranges from $1,500 to $40,000 for 10 to 2,000 concurrent tunnels.
Hybrid-VPN Gateway, Net6