Product Previews

Rackable Scale Out Series, Tonic Software WebLens for Microsoft .Net Framework, NetEx HyperIP R5, Radiant Logic RadiantOne 4.0

Rackable delivers servers for high-density datacenters
Blade servers offer good bang for your buck in terms of datacenter real estate, but they also limit flexibility. Rackable Systems’ Scale Out Series server line hopes to give IT managers the best of both worlds, by offering blade density with the benefits of traditional rack-mount server design. Each Scale Out cabinet enclosure has room for as many as 92 servers, with an additional 19 inches of rack-mount space for networking equipment. The servers support both Intel and AMD CPUs in either single or dual-processor configurations, and each includes one full-height PCI-X expansion slot. Both in-band and out-of-band management systems are available. Rackable will engineer and configure systems to order, running a wide range of operating systems and software. Contact Rackable for pricing.
Scale Out Series, Rackable Systems

.Net transaction tracing
Companies that rely on .Net-based Web applications can identify performance bottlenecks with Tonic Software’s WebLens for the Microsoft .Net Framework. Similar to the company’s existing product for J2EE applications, WebLens for .Net can trace transactions across multiple servers, clusters, and Web services, with granularity down to individual method calls. The software remains dormant until requested, adding no measurable overhead while in dormant mode. Pricing for turnkey solutions starts at $23,000.
WebLens for the Microsoft .Net Framework, Tonic Software

Turbocharged IP WAN
IP-based WAN links aren’t always the most efficient way to conduct high-volume data transfers such as storage network mirroring and replication, data warehousing, high-resolution imaging, or digital video. But with the release of HyperIP R5, Network Executive Software claims it can transparently accelerate such transfers three to 10 times normal speeds, for as much as 480Mbps total bandwidth. Enabling compression can increase speeds even more, depending on the data transmitted. Pricing starts at $19,750.
HyperIP R5, Network Executive Software

Hybrid directory integration
Consolidating data from multiple directories, databases, and applications is a crucial part of any identity or portal project. The usual answer is either a metadirectory or virtual directory solution. Now Radiant Logic says its RadiantOne 4.0 combines the best of both categories. RadiantOne combines a virtual directory with Synchronization Services that duplicate metadirectory functionality. The new version adds persistent caching, group and role virtualization, new synchronization tools, and speed optimizations. Pricing starts at $50,000.
RadiantOne 4.0, Radiant Logic