Product Previews

Borland JBuilder 2005, Unify NXJ 10.5, Watchguard Firebox X Edge Series, Compellent Storage Center QuickStart

JBbuilder gets a Java technology facelift
Due in september, the latest edition of borland’s JBuilder IDE includes support for the latest Java technologies, including JDK 5.0, J2EE 1.4, and JSF (JavaServer Faces). An integrated performance management suite helps developers improve their code through profiling, thread debugging, and request analysis. The new version also integrates with tools for team collaboration (including Borland’s own requirements management and software configuration management tools, and the Subversion source code control system) and supports distributed code refactoring. JBuilder Enterprise will retail for $3,500, and the Developer edition will cost $499. A basic version called JBuilder Foundation will be available for free download. All three versions will be available for Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and Windows.
JBuilder 2005, Borland

Process automation platform
Unify NXJ is an application platform that combines business process management, interactive forms processing, forms processing, reporting, and integration for portals and applications. Version 10.5 adds advanced interface controls for multisource data access, Web services tools for J2EE and .Net, an integrated framework for developing business information portals, and a new component reuse system for forms and controls. Development licenses range from $3,000 to $11,500 per seat. Deployment pricing starts at $18,000 per CPU.
Unify NXJ 10.5, Unify

Edge security appliance
The latest addition to Watchguard’s Firebox series of security appliances is the Firebox X Edge series, designed for remote branch offices of SMBs. The devices combine a firewall, VPN, Web filtering, wireless security, and managed desktop anti-virus capabilities, and can be administered remotely from a central Firebox X appliance. Three models are available, priced from $469 to $1,049. Lower-end models are upgradeable via software license key.
Firebox X Edge Series, Watchguard

Starter SAN system
To meet the growing demand for SAN storage among smaller organizations, Compellent has introduced its new, entry-level solution, Storage Center QuickStart. The unit comes preconfigured with Fibre Channel, SATA, or iSCSI drives and a choice of one or two controllers, and scales from 1TB to 100TB. Its core features include virtualization, boot from SAN, dynamic volume resizing, and a centralized, wizard-driven interface. Basic configurations are available for less than $30,000.
Storage Center QuickStart, Compellent