SAN switch market heats up to 4Gbps

McData updates Sphereon

The SAN switch market is heating up. A new generation of fabric switches is hitting the market, as customers build for a future of faster, larger SANs.

This week McData will introduce the latest update to its line of switches designed for the workgroup, department, and enterprise. The Sphereon 4400 and Sphereon 4700 Fabric Switches are 4Gbps switches, whereas the previous versions were 2Gbps. Late last year Brocade, announced a 4Gbps version of its fabric switch, the Brocade 4Gbps Fibre Channel Switch Module.

“While many companies don’t need 4Gb in their edge of network SANs at the moment, they know they will in the future, so they are going to be purchasing these 4Gb switches for those environments,” said Randy Kerns, an analyst at Evaluator Group.

In addition to implementing new 4Gbps technology in the Sphereon update, McData has simplified the product line from three products to two.

The Sphereon 4400 is designed for small and midsize SANs and features eight, 12, or 16 ports. The Sphereon 4700 is designed for larger enterprises and features 16, 24, or 36 ports.