The six myths of IT

It's time to test some long-held assumptions

Time to face reality. Some of our bedrock assumptions turn out to be unfounded. And chief technologists can be subject to outdated beliefs as often as any professional. With that in mind, we addressed six common IT myths and deconstructed them to give managers a clear view of some important assumptions that might otherwise throw a monkey wrench into their technology plans.

InfoWorld set about tracking down the sources of the myths in question and found nearly all had little basis in fact.

For example, the myth persists that server upgrades matter. No way. Another myth: that business acumen is now the key to a successful CTO career. Not even close. And the one about 80 percent of corporate data residing on mainframes? Check your math.

Our dogged reporters found many more time-honored tales to debunk, proving once again that while common wisdom may indeed be common, it is not always wise.

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