Product Previews

Aruba Series 60 Grid Points, AEP Systems SureWare A-Gate AG-1200, EMC Celerra NS500, FileMaker Server 7 Advanced

Aruba Unveils WLAN Grid Hardware and Software
New products from Aruba Wireless Networks aim to reduce the cost of deploying enterprise WLAN grids. The Series 60 Grid Points are low-cost 802.11a/b/g APs designed to blend into cabling and existing building infrastructure using secure, special-purpose mounting kits. Centralized management means the Grid Points are more secure than traditional APs because individual units store no encryption keys or configuration data. Aruba’s RF management software runs throughout the grid, dynamically allocating bandwidth and using interference avoidance algorithms to prevent gridlock. Multi-node triangulation features can pinpoint any wireless user to within three feet. Introductory pricing is $200 per Grid Point per year, which includes the RF management software, annual software maintenance, and a one-year hardware warranty.
Series 60 Grid Points
Aruba Wireless Networks

Scalable SSL VPN
Companies looking to deploy an SSL VPN solution can start small with AEP Systems’ SureWare A-Gate AG-1200, then scale up as their needs grow. The base configuration, priced at $25,000, includes two VPN appliances, unlimited session and user licenses, on-site installation and training, and one year of support. From there, the system can scale to 16 appliances. A-Gate supports various authentication methods, including passwords, RADIUS, SecurID, Active Directory, and LDAP.
SureWare A-Gate AG-1200
AEP Systems

NAS for the Masses
EMC lowers the barriers of entry for NAS with its new Celerra NS500, which the company says outperforms competing systems at an entry-level price point. In addition, EMC has enhanced its Celerra Manager Basic Edition software with a new GUI and at-a-glance status displays. A basic 1TB configuration of the NS500 with a single Data Mover costs $40,000. As user needs grow, the NS500 can be upgraded to the higher-performing Celerra NS700/704G.
Celerra NS500

FileMaker Serves Up Web Features

The new FileMaker Server 7 Advanced adds various features for Web publishing, including support for up to 100 Web-based clients, SSL encryption to the Web server, and XML and XSLT (XSL Transformation) transforms. In addition, the new version can run searches and calculations on the server rather than the client, and supports large amounts of RAM, multiple CPUs, and databases up to 8TB in size. Priced at $2,499 for Windows or Mac OS X.
FileMaker Server 7 Advanced