Hitachi upgrades storage line

New TagmaStore platform can combine 32PB of internal and external storage into a single virtual storage pool

Hitachi Data Systems on Tuesday announced a new enterprise storage lineup with new features such as a virtualization that allows customers to manage up to 32 Petabytes (PB) of internal and external storage.

The new storage system, the TagmaStore Universal Storage Platform, is the first upgrade to HDS' high-end Lightning since 2000. TagmaStore can combine as much as 32PB of internal and external storage into a single virtual storage pool. It includes a third generation massively parallel crossbar switch architecture that delivers two million input/output operations per second, allowing for faster interchange between storage systems, Hitachi officials said.

Hitachi partners Sun Microsystems and Hewlett-Packard will also offer the new system. Sun's version is known as the StoreEdge 9900, while HP's version is called StorageWorks 12000.  Sun officials said the TagmaStore gives their customers new options in terms of virtualization, particularly at the datacenter level. "Our customers tell us they want to better manage all their storage and virtualization, [which] is very important to them," said James Whitemore, vice president of marketing for storage at Sun.

For Hitachi customers with a large datacenter, the new offerings make upgrading a no-brainier, said Tony Asaro, senior analyst at Enterprise Storage Group. "Hitachi has given their installed base a very good road map to the future. To lure other customers, they need to demonstrate how effective their solution is with their current customer base," he said.

TagmaStore comes in three models: the USP 100 (a 77TB model), the USP 600 (154TB), and the USP 1100 (a 332TB model). The top model is scalable to as much as 32PB.

The new product also features logical cache partitioning, new methods for portioning data, and new copying tools.

ESG's Asaro is also impressed with a capability that will be available on the system early next year: private virtual storage. "With this capability, a company can devote different ports to a business unit or application, which could be a  very useful feature for an enterprise," he said.

Hitachi made the announcement in New York at the Guggenheim Museum. The name of the new product, Tagma, means "to order or organize" in Greek.