Emulex, Snap aid IBM storage effort

New products aim at low end of market

See correction below

Emulex has introduced a new entry-level line of SAN  switch products designed for small and midsize businesses and small departmental SAN applications in a large enterprise.  The new line has already been adopted by IBM for its recently introduced TotalStorage DS400, an entry-level Fibre Channel storage array announced last week.

Emulex's new line, the SAN Storage Switch, is designed to meet the requirements of entry-level SAN users for low-cost and simplicity. That is exactly the market IBM's TotalStorage DS400 is designed to reach as well. "We began doing extensive research on this market a couple of years ago," said Bob Brencic, director of switch products for Emulex. "We're seeing a lot of interest at the DAS [direct attached storage] replacement market with storage consolidation, and this product is designed for those kinds of applications," he said.

The SAN Storage Switch 355 is a 12-port non-blocking 2GBps Fibre Channel switch, while the 375 is a 20-port version that includes redundant fans and hot-swappable power supplies. Both products include integrated management features, such as a predefined switch configuration, one-step storage pool portioning, and an intelligent change manager.

Although Emulex supplied the Fibre Channel switch for IBM's new line, Adaptec's Snap Appliance division was chosen to provide its Flexible Storage Architecture (FSA) modular platform for both the TotalStroage DS300, the iSCSI version of the new system, and the DS400.

Both new IBM products are aimed doing battle with Dell's AX100 entry-level system, said Charles King, an analyst at Sageza Group. "This is the hot area in the storage market at the moment, and IBM needed to answer the competition," he said.


In this article, we misstated the ownership of the Flexible Storage Architecture. Adaptec produces it.