Sun offers pay-as-you-go computing service

Sun offers utility computing services priced at less than a dollar per node per hour

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Sun Microsystems Inc. will offer utility computing services priced at a dollar per processor per hour, it announced Tuesday.

The company will aim the services at applications tolerant of high latency between processors, such as simulations, modeling and rendering, all easily optimized for grid computing, it said.

The utility computing services, part of Sun's N1 Grid program, will cost $1 per processor per hour in the U.S. Sun did not say when the services will be available.

Sun described the utility computing services in two separate news releases. One service, called Compute@Sun, will cost $0.79 per processor per hour in the U.S., while the other, Sun Utility Computing for Grid, will cost $0.99 per hour for a dual processor node. Sun did not say when the services will be available.

In the future, Sun expects businesses to buy computing capacity in much the same way they buy mobile phone services today, paying for a service plan allowing a number of hours of calls -- or calculations -- per month. It will push the analogy further, selling compute-minutes wholesale to service provider partners, who will then resell the processor time to their customers.

Due to errors in information sent to the press by Sun, this story as originally posted incorrectly reported pricing and other details of the new service.

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