Product Previews

Netegrity TransactionMinder 6.0, Quest InTrust 8.0, Fineground Enterprise Application Delivery Suite, SurfControl RiskFilter

Netegrity Strengthens Identity for Web Services
Netegrity has released TransactionMinder 6.0, the latest edition of its policy-based identity access management system that extends Netegrity's secure single-sign on, delegated administration, and federated identity and session management capabilities to include Web services and SOAs (service-oriented architectures). The new version offers full support for the WS-Security 1.0 standard out of the box, including XML encryption within the WS-Security framework and support for WS-Security authentication based on SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) tokens. The product features a proxy mode, which lets TransactionMinder secure Web services running on application servers such as IBM WebSphere and BEA Weblogic. Additionally, XML agents can be deployed on Web servers such as Microsoft IIS or Apache. TransactionMinder is priced at $40,000 per CPU.
TransactionMinder 6.0, Netegrity  

Secure Log Management
Collecting and collating heterogeneous event logs has become an important task, particularly for companies with regulatory compliance concerns. Quest Software's InTrust 8.0 can securely collect, store, and report on logging data, while automatically tracking suspicious user and administrator behavior and providing real-time notification. A connector for Microsoft Operations Manager will be available later this year. Pricing starts at $89 per workstation, with processor-based pricing for servers starting at $449.
InTrust 8.0, Quest  

Accelerating XML Apps
Fineground will soon unveil the latest release of its Enterprise Application Delivery Suite, a platform for monitoring, optimizing, and securing XML and Web-based applications. The package combines a Web application firewall and an XML transformation engine with a complete performance enhancement system, including congestion and latency compensation. The complete solution will be available either as a 1U appliance or as standalone software for Linux or Solaris. Available in early October, priced starting at $15,000.
Enterprise Application Delivery Suite, Fineground  

Hardware Spam Solution
RiskFilter, a new appliance from SurfControl, provides advanced spam filtering based on fingerprints, heuristics, and lexical analysis in a compact hardware unit. The device acts as its own mail transfer agent (MTA), supports end-user spam management including white and black lists, and can be centrally managed via a secure Web interface. Three models are available and are priced from $12,900 to $46,000, depending on number of users supported. Contact SurfControl for full availability information.
RiskFilter, SurfControl