Microsoft, Fuji Xerox agree to cross-license patents

Deal is aimed at speeding up development of new document management systems

In a move aimed at speeding up development of new document management systems, Microsoft and Japan's Fuji Xerox Co. have agreed to a patent deal to use each other's technology.

Under the cross-licensing deal announced Thursday, the companies will pay to use each other's patents.

No financial details were disclosed.

The deal adds to a string of licensing agreements that Microsoft has signed in recent months with companies such as NEC, Seiko Epson, and Toshiba.

While Fuji Xerox will gain access to Microsoft patents when developing new products that include both proprietary and open-source software such as Linux, the U.S. vendor will be able to use Fuji Xerox's technology in products such as its Office desktop applications suite, the companies said in a statement.

Through cross-licensing, Microsoft aims to help build "a stronger IT ecosystem," the company said.

Fuji Xerox is a joint venture owned 75 percent by FujiFilm Holdings Corp. and 25 percent by Xerox Corp.