Demofall to highlight Java Wares

Startups demo diverse wares they hope will shape the future technology landscape

The Demofall show has never had quite the cache of the bigger Demo conference, but it’s still a fun time, as startups from across the tech sector give their patented six-minute pitches for why their company’s product will change the world.

This year’s show will feature 66 companies, with products ranging from core infrastructure to enterprise middleware, security, and mobile and wireless services, said Chris Shipley, executive producer of Demo. “It’s a wide-angle lens of what the marketplace is doing now,” she said.

Java will be the thread that ties many of the Demo companies together. About 50 percent of vendors involved are offering products based on the platform, Shipley said.

Platform considerations aside, there are a few companies in the “that’s just cool” category this year. Among them is BuzzLogic’s eponymous technology for performing business intelligence in the blogosphere. BuzzLogic gauges what is being said about a specific product, Shipley said.

Topping the “gee-whiz” category is stealth-mode startup Ringcube Technologies, which will demonstrate its MojoPac virtualization and encapsulation software that allows you to run Windows 2000, XP, or Vista from any USB 2.0-compliant storage device. Simply plug your device into a host computer, and your desktop appears, applications and file system included, with no client to install and no files left behind. Translation: Your iPod is now your desktop.

Jajah, meanwhile, is offering J2ME (Java 2 Mobile Edition) technology that uses VoIP messaging to circumvent long-distance calling charges from cell phones.

With everyone trying to muscle in on Apple’s iTunes monopoly, Zing Systems and Sirius Satellite Radio are getting together to create an end-to-end service for music downloads, Shipley said.

Also featured at the show is a keynote presentation on future technologies by John Patrick, president of the Altitude consultancy and a former IBM executive, who is expected to discuss mobility and applied nanotechnology.