Toshiba to ship 8GB high-speed SD card

New Toshiba memory card will go on sale in January

Toshiba plans to start selling in January next year an 8GB high-speed SD (Secure Digital) memory card, it said Monday.

The card will support the "class 4" high-speed data writing specification of the SD Card Association and be able to record data at 6MBps, said Toshiba. That kind of speed plus the high capacity of the card makes it well suited to applications such as video recording using devices such as Matsushita Electric Industrial's (Panasonic's) recently announced HDC-SD1 camcorder.

The camera records high-definition video to an SD card at 6Mbps. Toshiba's new card should be able to hold about 3 hours worth of such video.

The card will cost about ¥40,000 ($340) in Japan. It will go on sale in Japan, North America and Europe in early January.