2006 InfoWorld 100 Awards: Sports

www.azcardinals.com Fully Integrated IP Voice-Data-Video Network Project Lead: Mark Feller, Technical Director Project Description: Implemented one of the biggest, successful plays in NFL history this year. Through a combination of teamwork, timing, and bold strategy, Technology Director Mark Feller helped facilitate one of the most highly sophisticated converged IP networks anywhere by teaming up with Insight, an IT solutions provider, and Cisco Systems. Nearly 800 Cisco IP Phones running Cisco’s call management and contact center software do the heavy lifting required for enterprise-class call routing, voice mail, and other office phone functions. What’s more, the network hosts the organization’s digital video system designed to serve several purposes.

Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Diamondbacks www.diamondbacks.com

Detailed Player Analysis Using StratBridge.net
Project Lead: Shiraz Rehman, Baseball Operations Assistant

Project Description: Actionable information via StratBridge, ranging from scouting reports to salaries to highly detailed player data -- all accessible via the Web.

Top 10 Finalists
Computing/Tech                                          Distribution/Supply Chain
Education                                                      Financial Services
Government                                                  Health Care
Insurance                                                      Manufacturing
Media/Multimedia                                        Pharmaceuticals
Retail                                                              Services
Sports                                                             Telecommunications
Transportation                                              Unspecified