SAP invests in another NetWeaver partner

SAP's Visiprise investment aims to strengthen the partnerships around its applications and integration platform

SAP has made an undisclosed investment in a Visiprise, a company that develops integration software for manufacturing companies that use SAP's NetWeaver platform.

The investment is designed to strengthen the partnerships around NetWeaver, SAP's applications and integration platform that includes portal, data warehouse and other components. SAP didn't disclose the size of the transaction, calling it a "minority investment."

Visiprise, based in Atlanta, makes software for manufacturing companies in the aerospace, defense, and medical industries, among others. It has around 200 customers, including Boeing Commercial Aircraft Group, Northrop-Grumman, and BAE Systems.

The investment money came from SAP's $125 million NetWeaver Fund established in May. SAP has said each investment would typically be no more than $5 million. Visiprise is the third investment for the fund.

SAP made its first investment in August, in Questra, which makes software for intelligent device management. Last month it invested in ArisGlobal Holdings, which makes software for the pharmaceutical industry.