Fujitsu Siemens targets SMBs with new recovery system

Automated backup recovery system offers lower-cost alternative to virtualization or clustering

For midsize businesses seeking a relatively easy, inexpensive way to keep their servers running around the clock, Fujitsu Siemens Computers has launched a fully automated backup recovery system.

Designed as a simplified, lower-cost alternative to virtualization or clustering, the x10sure offers an enhanced monitoring and protection system for companies running between five and 50 Microsoft Windows Server 2003-based servers, Fujitsu Siemens said Thursday.

At its most basic configuration, the x10sure is priced starting at €9,250 ($12,169), including five monitored servers and 12 months of software patches and support. The system comprises three Fujitsu Siemens Primergy BX600 or RX rack servers: a single protected "production" server, a spare "failover" server and the x10sure control server.

The three servers are coupled by a SAN (storage areas network) switch using high-speed channel links to a single Fujitsu Siemens FibreCAT SX80 fiber channel storage subsystem. All disk-based storage is consolidated by the FibreCAT system.

The x10sure system is targeted at companies that require 24-hour system availability. The product also features automated server shutdown and reboot, and data protection.

The offering is available in Germany, Belgium, and Finland, with wider availability to be announced in April.