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Fujitsu unveils eight-socket server blade, Blue Coat bolts application acceleration into proxy appliance, Credant extends the reach of data encryption, and Applied Identity applies directory to policy management

Fujitsu unveils eight-socket server blade

Fujitsu last week announced an eight-socket server blade based on dual-core AMD Opteron processors. Taking up a good chunk of a Primergy BX600 chassis -- which otherwise supports as many as 10 two-socket blades or five four-socket blades -- the Primergy BX630 can be installed alongside one or two other blades running AMD Opteron or Intel Xeon processors. The eight-socket BX630 blades will be available in the second quarter of this year, priced at less than $36,000. Windows Server 2003, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Suse Linux Enterprise Server, and VMware ESX Server operating systems are supported.

Primergy BX630, Fujitsu Computer Systems Applied Identity taps directory for policy management

Applied Identity today released Version 2.0 of its Identiforce access management appliance and Version 1.0 of PolicyCAD, a graphical tool for managing user authorization and access control policies within Microsoft Active Directory and other LDAP v3 directory servers. Drawing on the policies stored in the directory, the Identiforce appliance enforces identity-based access controls over network resources and applications. Working in conjunction with the optional Signature Client, a device driver that digitally signs every packet a user sends, the appliance can also maintain audit trails of user activities.

Identiforce 2.0 and PolicyCAD 1.0, Applied Identity Blue Coat brings application acceleration to ProxySG appliance

Blue Coat today announced the addition of application acceleration technologies to the company’s proxy appliance, supplementing the ProxySG’s content filtering, anti-malware protections, and user and application controls. The new technology framework, called Mach 5, combines bandwidth management, compression, protocol optimization, object caching, and byte caching to accelerate Web applications (including SSL-encrypted apps), file services, Microsoft Exchange, streaming and on-demand video, and other TCP-based applications across WANs.

Blue Coat ProxySG, Blue Coat Credant addresses mobile data security lifecycle

Credant Technologies has released Version 5.1 of Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition, an upgrade to the data-protection solution for mobile devices that applies encryption policies on the fly to application data and to data saved to removable media devices. It also allows users to quickly encrypt files for sending via e-mail or IM, and provides out-of-the-box support for two-factor authentication using RSA SecurID for Windows, IBM Biometric Authentication, and smart cards. Now available, the new version starts at $42 per user with volume discounts available.

Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition 5.1, Credant Technologies