Product previews

IBM announces servers for virtualization; Softricity bolsters virtual app platform; InfoExpress and Identity Engines unveil NAC offerings; AirMagnet analyzer tackles VoIP over Wi-Fi

IBM primes x86 servers for consolidation
IBM announced a new line of Intel x86 server hardware called System x that is designed to deliver enterprise class virtualization capabilities for server consolidation. IBM also unveiled the Consolidation Discovery and Analysis Tool (CDAT), software that scans the network for under-utilized servers and helps identify opportunities to consolidate and virtualize x86 systems. Three new models -- System x3950, System x3850, System x3800 -- will be available this month.
System x3950, System x3850, System x3800, IBM

Softricity bolsters virtual application platform
Softricity released a new version of its on-demand application virtualization platform. SoftGrid 4.0 turns Windows applications into virtual network services that are centrally managed and deployed on-demand to desktops, servers, laptops, or virtual machines. Enhancements in the new version include faster virtualization, faster streaming, real-time client monitoring and remote management, package pre-caching through Microsoft SMS integration, and support for hosted virtual desktops using Microsoft and VMware virtual machines. The upgrade is priced at $200 per user for new customers, with volume discounts available.
SoftGrid 4.0, Softricity

Identity Engines updates identity-based NAC
Identity Engines announced Ignition 3.0, an upgrade to the company’s policy-based NAC (network access control) solution that aims to provide more granular control over access to networks and applications by leveraging identity information. New in version 3.0 is dynamic network session provisioning, or real-time VLAN, QoS, and ACL provisioning based on the user requesting access. Due at the end of June, Ignition 3.0 also adds a Web portal for guest access, audit reports of all network access activity, an auto-discovery wizard for integrating Active Directory and LDAP directories, and built-in support for strong authentication.
Ignition 3.0, Identity Engines

InfoExpress unveils peer-enforced Dynamic NAC
InfoExpress announced a “peer-based” NAC solution at Interop. CyberGatekeeper with Dynamic NAC, due at the end of June, doesn’t rely on network infrastructure to enforce access control policies, but instead uses some end points on the network to police others. The enforcers continuously monitor the network for unauthorized end points -- including PCs, wireless access points, printers, and other network devices -- intercepting their traffic and alerting administrators or redirecting them to a remediation server.
CyberGatekeeper with Dynamic NAC, InfoExpress

AirMagnet Analyzer taps voice over Wi-Fi
AirMagnet introduced the AirMagnet Vo-Fi Analyzer, a dedicated voice-over-wireless-LAN (Vo-WLAN) analysis tool that monitors every call end to end, detects performance problems, and determines their origin. The Vo-Fi Analyzer provides real-time statistical analysis of the VoWLAN, measures voice quality, and monitors and validates QoS for all devices on the network. It will be available in July at a starting price of $15,000.
AirMagnet Vo-Fi Analyzer, AirMagnet