Key Java exec returns to run Sun's software group

Rich Green, who had been one of the company's most high-profile Java advocates, left Sun for Cassatt just days after the landmark 2004 Microsoft legal settlement

Rich Green is returning to his former employer Sun Microsystems Inc. to head up the company's software group. His return, following a two-year stint at enterprise software vendor Cassatt, will be announced Tuesday at the company's Network Computing product launch in Washington, a Sun spokesman confirmed on Monday.

Green, who had been one of the company's most high-profile Java advocates, had left Sun for Cassatt just days after the company's landmark 2004 legal settlement with Microsoft Corp.

In his previous role as head of Sun's Java tools division, Green had been well regarded by Java developers for his tough stance against the Windows vendor. In 2002, he testified against Microsoft in Sun's private antitrust case against the software vendor, a draining experience that some at Sun said left him looking for a more low-key job.

As executive vice president of Sun's software group, however, Green will be cast again into the public spotlight, filling a position vacated by John Loiacono, who left last month to take on the role of senior vice president of Creatives Group at Adobe Systems Inc.

Green will be in charge of Sun's large portfolio of software assets, including Java, the Solaris operating system and the StarOffice productivity suite.

His appointment is the first major announcement to be made since Jonathan Schwartz took over as Sun's CEO last week, replacing Sun Chairman and founder Scott McNealy.

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