Resources for resolving vendor disputes

Want to work things out? A third party can be invaluable for resolving your differences

American Arbitration Association The uber-organization for dispute resolution provides access to more than 8,000 neutral parties who handle all manner of disputes, including commercial ones. The site is packed with FAQs, guidelines, and forms you can submit to commence arbitration proceedings.

Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution This clearinghouse is dedicated to resolving disputes that arise online, as well as developing online tools such as Web conferencing and chat to mediate any type of conflicts. The site links to more than 50 ODR (online dispute resolution) providers worldwide.

International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution CPR’s site offers step-by-step guidance in finding the right “neutral” for resolving business-related disputes. The group also offers dispute-resolution training (including online courses) for corporate counsel or other legal professionals. This directory lets you search for mediators by state, practice area, or level of experience. The site also serves up easily digestible articles on topics such as negotiating strategies or how to resolve internal business conflicts.