Sun streamlines identity flows

Sun Java System Identity Manager 6.0 tunes tools and templates for faster configuration

In our oct. 10 comparative review of identity management heavyweights, Sun Java System Identity Manager 5.5 wasn’t the flashiest solution, but it stood out from competitors in overall completeness and maturity. From what we’ve seen of the recently released Version 6.0, you still wouldn’t call Sun’s solution flashy, but the company has clearly attempted to make identity management processes easier to implement.

Sun Identity Manager 6.0 brings enhanced workflow debugging, wizards, and task templates for configuring workflow within the admin UI, and preconfigured deployment packages for common scenarios such as deployments around LDAP, Active Directory, or PeopleSoft. The Business Process Debugger helps automate preflight testing and troubleshooting by allowing developers to step through provisioning processes and to track variable values.

Sun has also smoothed the way for synchronizing data between source and target systems. Setting up synchronizations used to require configuring transformational forms separately for each resource; Version 6.0 pulls all of the source and target mappings, transformations, and rules for kicking off synchronizations into a central object called the MetaView. Available from the Business Process Editor or admin UI, MetaView maps how identity attributes will be passed from any source to any target. Sun plans to jazz up MetaView with graphical views of data flows in future editions.

Also on the road map is a Business Process Editor port to NetBeans to take advantage of XML syntax highlighting, code completion, and other niceties in the IDE, as well as support for SPML 2.0, the XML-based Web services standard for exchanging provisioning requests. Sun says Identity Manager 7.0, due by the end of the year, will also include more out-of-the-box reports aimed at regulatory compliance.

Sun Java System Identity Manager 6.0

Sun Microsystems

Cost: $50 per employee per year for Identity Manager, Access Manager, and Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Available: Now